SEP 14 2007 Election night!
Members will cast their votes for 2007-2008 officers.  Slate can
include nominations from the floor as well as from the list of
nominees presented by the Nominating Committee
Aug 10 2007 regular meeting
Jul 6 2007 Annual summer meeting with Lone Star
note:  date is FIRST Friday of month
time:  7:30pm
location:  Lone Star Treasure Club
               Oddfellows Lodge
               227 9th Street Irving, Texas 75060
               Mapsco Map: 41B-B
            > > > CLICK HERE for a Map < < <.
Bring a side dish, maybe a folding chair just in case
Jun 8 2007 regular meeting
May 11 2007 regular meeting
Apr 13 2007 regular meeting...cancelled due to severe weather
Mar 24-25 2007 TCTC's Treasure Show 2007
Killeen Civic Center, Killeen, Texas * See TCTC flyer for details!
Mar 9 2007 regular meeting 
Feb 9 2007 regular meeting   
Jan 12 2006 regular meeting 
Dec 8 2006 Christmas meeting
We'll meet early - at 7pm instead of 7:30 * bring potluck side dishes and
desserts to go with the turkey and ham provided by the club * no gift
exchange, but DO bring new, unwrapped toys for  
   if you can!
Nov 11 2006 Amigos Hunt
Canton, Texas
Nov 10 2006 regular meeting
Nov 3-4 2006 Annual Club Hunt
Overnighter and club hunt at the Voyles' country place
see newsletter for details!
Oct 20-22 2006 WWATS Rally and Hunts
K River Campgrounds, Antlers, OK * preregister at http://www.wwats.org
Oct 13 2006 regular meeting