Sep 8 2006 regular meeting election of officers for 2006-2008; silent auction; annual dues are due
Aug 11 2006 regular...but very special...meeting! We'll take nominations tonight for next month's election of officers
------------------- and please note -------------------
special place:  Garrett plant, Garland.
special time: 7:00pm instead of 7:30pm
special speaker:  Vaughn Garrett
special drawing:  click here for all the details!
Jul 14 2006 annual potluck meeting with
Lone Start Treasure Hunters Club
Starts at 7:00pm rather than 7:30!  Watch this space for further details
Jun 9 2006 regular meeting  
May 20 2006 benefit hunt Hunt benefiting Tatum Public Library and Learning Center, Tatum, TX
May 12 2006 regular meeting  
Apr 30 2006 TFTHC hunt Three Forks Treasure Hunting Club hunt, Muskogee, OK
Apr 29-30 2006 Texas Council Expo  Amon Carter Convention Center, Ft. Worth
Apr 14 2006 regular meeting  
Apr 1-2 2006 ETTHA hunt East Texas Treasure Hunters Association, Longview, TX
Mar 10 2006 regular meeting  
Feb 11-12 2006 GPAA Show Will Rogers Memorial Center, Ft. Worth
Feb 10 2006 regular meeting  
Jan 13 2006 regular meeting